A bold vision

for climate and environmental justice

  • Sustainable industries that work in harmony with nature and which are accessible to everyone
  • Just and regenerative food systems supported by policies that ensure food sovereignty and workers’ rights
  • Quality, energy efficient housing for everyone
  • Self Determination: we want control over wellbeing and the wellbeing of our communities
  • Localized solidarity economies and strong mutual aid center & networks across the state
  • Communities that are thriving, healthy and safe
  • Eradication of the system of U.S. imperialism, along with the military and prison industrial complex, which
    have only served to destroy both us and the planet that gives us life
  • Conservation and just, sustainable stewardship of Alabama’s natural resources, and no more oligarchies/owning class that currently control of these resources
  • Energy democracy for everyone
  • A truly democratic government that makes just, equitable & sustainable decisions/policy
  • An economic systems that works for everyone, not just the 1%
  • Mandatory K-12+ sustainability & climate and environmental justice curriculum

A Movement Not A moment

This coalitional movement for environmental justice came into this world because Nina Morgan is full of fire and dreamed of getting 30,000 people in the streets. Throughout the end of 2019, she took this dream to other organizers igniting excitement and energy across the city. This need and desire for environmental justice grew into a coalition of grassroots organizations ready to take action and create the world we deserve—starting with our city. Our coalition, which has been meeting every other week since January, is comprised of:

  •  GASP
  • SWEET AL: Sustainable Water, Energy, Economy Transition Alabama
  • Dynamite-Hill Smithfield Community Land Trust 
  • Magic City Youth Initiative
  • Birmingham Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
  • UAB Chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA)
  • Fountain Heights Farm
  • Faith & Works
  • Birmingham Stands
  • Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
  • Be A Blessing Birmingham
  • Sunrise Movement
  • Adelante Alabama Worker Center
  • Alabama Interfaith Power & Light

These powerful world-shifters, dream weavers, and healers together created a bold vision for change beginning in April 2020 with Earth Month. The vision came out of the understanding that this is a critical moment in the fight for our generation’s future. Scientists and communities on the frontlines of the environmental justice movement around the globe have been sounding the alarm bells telling us we can not afford any more inaction. Our current trajectory would mean the death of billions of humans and other beings. This is unacceptable. Now is the moment for us to reconnect with the radical roots of Earth Month to push back against unjust systems and unite people for a better world.

The entirety of actions and discussions around Earth Month in April 2020 lay the groundwork for a long-term vision building communities of solidarity to fuel a movement for justice, liberation, and dignity for our people. In connection with regional, national, and global work for liberation from Southern Spring to Southern People’s Assemblies to International Climate Strikes to Gulf South Green New Deal, we are growing the vision of food & land sovereignty, of just & affordable housing, of communities of care, and of healing for ourselves and the planet .


This dream for the world we need has already been birthed, now we need everyone to join in to make it a reality. Come on, we need you.

We have to go all in.