This essay is part of #TheRisingTide4ClimateJustice’s Elephant in the Room series (link): a writing project calling out the institutions and ideas that contribute to environmental environmental injustice within the Birmingham community and across the South.

By Laura Quattrochi

We have a pandemic

It’s called the climate crisis

The Elephant in the room Is

our oppressors


We watch them

as they silently undress her

And strip her of her clean air & vast land by









It’s demeaning


She gasps until her final breath

The GOP laughs

They refuse to get off their ass


And do something (why won’t you DO something?!)


Hear her cries

Before she dies

Talk is cheap

Stop spitting lies


Or else

This will be our demise


We must nurture her in order to save her

Do not savor the moment

Go out there and do something

We must do something

Laura is a Graduate Student at UAB pursuing a Masters in the Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights. She currently works at an environmental nonprofit based in Birmingham called Alabama Interfaith Power & Light. She loves cats, sunflowers, volunteering, rock climbing, and a good beer